No other place on Earth is like the Mid-Columbia. Massive basalt flows, cataclysmic floods, and other geologic processes created the ridges and rivers landscape that defines our sense of place. Visual and physical access to these places – views of them and from them – help us to understand and physically and emotionally connect with a landscape we recognize as “home”. Open spaces, whether viewed or explored, are our portals to making these connections.

Federal, State, and Regional Open Space and Trail Resources in the Mid-Columbia

Regional Map
Regional Trails
Public Lands in Benton and Franklin Counties
Sacajawea Heritage Trail

Recommendations for Open Space Protection and Trail Linkages

Conceptual Priority Preservation Areas East
Conceptual Sacajawea–Columbia Plateau Trail
Conceptual Scootney Trail
Conceptual Smith Canyon to Juniper Dunes Trail
Conceptual Esquatzel Coulee Trail
Conceptual Lyons Ferry–Palouse Falls Trail
Conceptual Priority Preservation Areas West
Conceptual Badger–Little Badger–Amon Basin–Chamna Natural Preserve Trail
Conceptual Preservation Areas East and West
Conceptual Badger–Candy–Red Mountain Trail
Conceptual State Patrol–Jump Off Joe Trail and Preservation Area
Conceptual McDonald Ridge Trail
Conceptual McBee Grade Trail
Conceptual Tapteal Greenway Trail
Conceptual Benton City–Horn Rapids Park–McDonald Ridge–Rattlesnake Slope Trail
Conceptual Yakima Bluffs Preservation Area
Regional Trails
Conceptual Ridges to Rivers Loop Trail